Charlotte’s books

Just out in our George’s Amazing Adventures series of picture books is Treats for a T. Rex.

6 George Books ImageAlso this year, we have a collaboration with Chris Chatterton called Supermarket Gremlins…

Supermarket Gremlins

..and another exciting book, this time with Ada Grey.

School for Dads cover

These are just some of the other books I’ve written with Adam or on my own. If you follow my blog then I’ll tell you about lots more.

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Four Little Boosts

July 2013 saw the release of four new books written with Adam, in the Little Boost series (Raintree).

Stroppy Stan
Invisible Isabel
Bella the Storyteller
The Little Bully



Animal Fairy Tales

These retellings of well-known fairy tales feature animals as the characters.

Look out for Furry Godmothers and tails with a twist…

Goldiclucks and the Three Bears (Animal Fairy Tales)
Pandarella (Animal Fairy Tales)
Little Red Riding Duck (Animal Fairy Tales)
The Poodle and the Pea (Animal Fairy Tales)
The Kitten Who Cried Dog (Animal Fairy Tales)

Books for sports lovers

Find out about the greatest Olympic and Paralympic athletes since the games began.

Who’s Who in Olympic History

Read this book to find out how BMX bikers train for the Olympics.

Olympic BMX


These books are for younger readers who enjoy being active.




Countries Around the World

These country guides cover history, geography and culture and even include a delicious recipe!



Czech Republic



Author biographies

These biographies are for younger readers who want to know more about their favourite writers.

AA Milne

Beatrix Potter

Dr Seuss

Maurice Sendak 

Roald Dahl

My First…

These books are great way to introduce young children to exciting new subjects. Young readers can identify the sights of London, explore the world of transport and find out more about the stories and traditions of Christmas. Each book is beautifully illustrated with plenty of detail and has a fun quiz at the back.

My First Book of London

My First Book of Transport

My First Book of Christmas

Funny fiction

Adam and I wrote these fiction titles for young readers together. We had great fun writing them and hope they will make you smile too! Watch this space for a new pirate story, coming soon…

Zak’s King Arthur Adventure

Three Frilly Goats Fluff

The Pirate Pie Ship